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When you fish with a QUALIA spinning reel, you’ll find that the QUALIA No Load Fishing Spinning Reel design gives you a chance to fight fish harder, fish longer and with less fatigue than other brands of spinning reels. No Load Fishing means the mainshaft on each QUALIA spinning reel is designed and engineered to not bend, bind or flex under load unlike other spinning reel brands . While all reels have a limit of durability, we purposely over-designed the QUALIA No Load Spinning Reels so that you can test your saltwater skills to the limit.

QUALIA NLF Spinning Reels are designed and engineered with seven (7) patents, the spools have seven (7) drag washers, and each reel has seven (7) sealed stainless steel ball bearings for long life, corrosion resistance, smooth operation and great fishing capabilities. The QUALIA NLF spool features a chrome lip so braided lines will not cut into the spool, and the oscillating system is designed to allow monofilament, fluorocarbon or braided line to lay flat on the spool during the retrieve.

The  NLF 50 reel features an anti-reverse bearing with unlimited rotational positions.

All QUALIA NLF spinning reels are externally powder coated to provide a superior exterior finish, protection against corrosion and a finish that will last much longer than an anodized finish. Powder coating is a much more costly process that assures you of the best exterior finish and protection for your QUALIA spinning reel.

Qaulia NLF 50 Spinning Reel


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