The retail price is going to be $175 but if you preorder it you save $25.  Stop Dolphins from taking your fish!  

Dolphin Anti Predation Device

    • Powerful 175 decibel Dolphin Anti-Depredation Pinger is over 1000 times louder than 132 decibel Pingers.
    • Smallest, lightest and safest to use Dolphin Anti-Depredation Pinger on the market.
    • Designed not to get caught in your net mesh, on hand rails or hauling and setting gear.
    • Longer battery life than any other Dolphin Anti-Depredation Pinger currently available.
    • Works with standard C Cell Alkaline battery- available everywhere.
    • Internal electronics capsule is locked inside the external carrier – cannot fall out like competitors products.
    • Super tough TPU external carrier.
    • Highly durable internal thermoplastic polymer electronics capsule.
    • Engineered to deliver 100% reliable performance in all fishing conditions and temperatures.
    • Dolphin Anti-Depredation Pingers are easily and quickly attached to net ropes of all size.
    • No need to thread ropes through carrier means faster, easier attaching and removing.
    • Easy to see battery level LED indicator with Red LED low battery warning.
    • Pingers are supplied with a C cell Alkaline battery and attachment cord – ready to fit too easily and quickly to your net.
    • Fast and easy to replace batteries.
    • Advanced optimised sound generation ensures a consistent output of 175 decibels.
    • Tested to 1000 meters depth.
    • 12 months warranty.
    • Manufactured in the EU.